The frog story and our will to change…

by maria

Ariadne, 17 yrs.

Artwork by D, 15.5 yrs

Have you ever thought that some habits do not help you to reach your image for best self that you goal for?

Everyday habits may trap you and keep you in a situation that is not really your choice – you may not have experienced something else or maybe this is the only standard you know.

Psychology experts use the story of the frog to explain this : a frog in warm water within a cooking pot may stay there if temperature rises slowly and is not aware of the danger to boil.

However the same happy frog jumps away if put in boiling burning water from to start with.

If we apply the story to our reality, we come to realize that if we suddenly wake up and find ourselves negatively changed e.g. in our body shape, this would cause panic and we would immediately seek for help. If the same body change would happen slowly because of poor diet habits and/or addiction to internet games, we do not realize it and we let it be…

A bad habit needs for us to put our finger on it and understand that it is not helping our progress. Then, we DECIDE to change it, which needs persistence and will – it takes at least two weeks time.  The reward is worth the effort, as this is a huge step towards our best self!

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