Not to get lost in translation

by maria

Now that we need to quarantine again, I try to stay optimistic and in high spirit. Although it is really hard for me to follow rules, I do appreciate that I have the time to think about a lot of things. I dream and change dreams when I come to realize the uncountable combinations of choices that I can realize in the future. I admire strong and smart people.  I admire beauty and creativity. I often think about nature – the pressure we give with nothing in return for it. How did covid pandemic begin? Does any one really know? Did we use something with no permission ? Although there is no answer to come, I do suspect that there is a hidden message and hope to not get lost in translation…

written by G. F., 17 yrs

About the picture- cover: A 1937 film depicted a kiss with protective masks during a flu epidemic in Hollywood.
Credit: Imagno/Getty Images

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