Murphy’s Law

by maria

Edward Aloysius Murphy, Jr. was working on the US Air Force. It was then that he invented his law. The American aerospace engineer was inolved in high-speed rocket sled experiments and had also served during World War II, achieving the rank of a major. The law was stated when Murphy was studying what was the effect of the Gs (gravity) on humans and the effort was not very succesful. They tried to define how many Gs a pilot could bear and the Air Force asked for Murphy’s help. However, Murphy’s assistant made a mistake and installed the sensors wrongly and then Murphy concluded to the early version of his law; “If there are two or more ways to do something and one of those results in a catastrophe, then someone (his assistant) will do it that way”

After a while, he generalized his statement and came up with Murphy’s Law as we know it nowadays; “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Since then, many have thought that this law is pessimistic as it focuses on the negative view of life. However Murphy was only referring to reality, trying to wanr us to ecpect the worst possible situation. In this way, we cand deal with it and survive. This law, sums up the human tendency of focusing only on the bad stuff and slipping by all the positive things that might occur. Maybe if we would change this way of thinking, we could also change the way we experience life…

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