the 203 apartment

by maria

The girl who lives at the 203 apartment is no longer a girl. She has not figured it out yet, the days slip out of her hands, they deceive her. Time kisses her tenderly, leaving its marks on her. Her eyes are blurred and the wrinkles on her face are more intense. She has had the apartment on Athinas Street since she entered the university. Oh how happy she was then. In Athens, in one of the best schools, all the opportunities and her dreams and expectations flooded her mind. She slowly unbuttons the zipper of her pencil skirt. He throws away the white, wrinkled shirt and loosens the tight bun. Her hand has learned the route now and without a second thought, she opens the drawer next to the lamp, skillfully avoids the agenda that seems to be in that place for years, the box with the matches, the dusty deck and finally reaches the familiar texture of the package. She opens it in a hurry and takes out two cigarettes of Marlboro Light. Within a few seconds she finds herself on the back balcony overlooking the inner garden of the apartment building. It was such moments – small pleasures, that made her smile now.

Text by A. 18 years old

Cover’s photo by M. 18 years old

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