Styling tips; Autumn

by maria

We love layers: In autumn the weather is constantly changing. It may be sunny and hot in the morning and later on cold and rainy, making you regret the moment you decided not to take a jacket with you. Therefore, the best choice for your fall looks is layers. By wearing layers, you are prepared for whatever the weather is. You can, for example, wear your favorite short sleeve and a sweatshirt or a thin sweater on top. So, you will adapt, whatever the weather conditions.

Thriftshops are here to stay: Some may dislike the idea that the clothes on thrifthops have been worn again or especially now with covid that it is dangerous to shop from there, but I am here to refute these assumptions. Thriftshops meticulously clean the clothes they sell and have increased disinfection now with the pandemic. Also, those who want to be extra careful, can wear gloves when they visit and wash the clothes they buy well. Aside from the countless vintage- and non-treasures you can find there, at incredible prices, thrifshops are a perfect, ethical shopping choice, as they are a form of recycling.

Style it down? Do you have countless, mini dresses that you never wear, because you always think they are a little too much for the occasion? Or nice skirts that also make you look overdressed when you wear them? Then just style it down! Just combine them with the right shoes. You can choose more casual, edgy shoes, which will not only upgrade the outfit, but will make your dress or skirt look more chill. For example, try pairing them with combat boots or chunky shoes (either boots or sneakers) and you will see a difference.

Easy chic: If you find it difficult to find outfits that look chic, there is an easy way. Choose neutral colors for your outfit, such as all black or shades of beige with a pair of jeans and wear many accessories. Jewelry makes a huge difference in an outfit. Gold or silver – I prefer gold when I go for a more chic look – rings, earrings, necklaces. A perfect, elegant bag in neutral tones, would take off the look.

Fall is for coats! Every fall I invest some money in a warm, stylish coat. In autumn, when it is usually not so cold, you might not need a jacket, but a coat is necessary. They make every look, more complete and at the same time keep you warm. I would recommend a coat with more neutral colors – black, gray, beige – at first, because you can combine them more easily (they match almost all colors) and then you can get something more impressive.

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