Changes are coming

by maria

Most of the time we are not prepared for them and often we do not expect them. However, they do come, unexpectedly. What should we do then? How can you perceive a change and how can you learn from it? Along with any change, we might feel fear for the unknown or excitement for the new. But how can one know if a change is going to be beneficial or if it’s going to ultimately hurt? When somebody risks and gets the results he/she was hoping for or even better results, it leaves him/her with a very nice feeling. However, what happens when we lose everything we used to have and everything known to us? This situation changes our way of thinking, of perceiving things, of feeling. We all change eventually from kids to teens, from teens to adults, etc. It’s really important to learn how to deal with these changes in the best way possible in order to profit from them. This is why we need to have internal strength and confidence from a young age. A lesson I have learned throughout the years is that if you can’t figure it out, let life guide you. This means that everything will work out eventually, with your contribution, of course, for we all have a path to follow. Therefore, instead of trying to fight everything that changes, we must learn to live with all the changes, because they are valuable lessons, experiences, they are life. So do you accept it or will you fight it?

Alexia Sahinis

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