For Afghanistan

by maria

Afghanistan is going through a big crisis, that concerns inevitably every single one of us, as Taliban violently encroach the basic human rights of the people living there. In a letter that Angelina Jolie received and later posted on her Instagram account, a teenage girl from Afghanistan writes:

“ I am a young girl. I live in Afghanistan, before Taliban came in, we all went to work and school properly. We all had rights, we was able to defend our rights freely, but when they came, we are all afraid of them and we think all our dreams gone. We think our rights have been violated, we can not get out. But some people say the Taliban change, but I do not think so, because they have a very bad past.
[…] We have no rights, the life of all of us is dark, we all lost our freedom, and we are imprisoned again.”
We all need to take action immediately and help in any way we can, in order for this crisis to come to an end. We owe this to the people of Afghanistan.

Some ways that one can help are:

  • Becoming educated on this matter, by looking up information on legitimate sources, in order to find out what is really going on and avoid getting carried away from the misinformation of the media.
  • Republishing information that is accurate on social media platforms, in order to raise awareness on the matter.
  • Donating to organizations that help the people of Afghanistan is also a really good idea to help them.

Here are some suggestions for you to support:

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