Present or Future?

by maria

Agelliki Alyfanti, 16 yrs

We have all thought at times that it would be great to live in the days of our parents or even grandparents.

Things would be calmer, we would have fresh air to breathe and we would not worry for the problems of our world reality.

As a thought, it seems very appealing, however there are weak points we should consider. For instance, we would not have the opportunity to communicate and interact with one another, even when in distance, and in the case of our grandparents years, we would not be able to even move and travel easily.  Some of us might be willing to give up all these, just to be free from today’s difficulties.

On the other hand, older generations had their own difficulties – not the same as ours – but as important to their eyes.

In any case, we cannot go back to the past, so what we can do is build our future as we want it to be!

Cover photograph: captured by samer daboul from Pexels

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