A Pair of Trousers

by maria

Ζoe, 14 yrs

Do you recall any day that you went to school wearing a colorful pair of trousers – or something like that – and everybody stared at you in a most weird way? Boys said “it doesn΄t really look good on you” and girls “nice trousers – so different!”, probably whispering behind your back.

You are now thinking how low a pair of trousers can make you feel, just because it is different. However, nobody can judge you based on a pair of trousers. Support your choice and make an impression!  Suddenly, everyone will want to be your friend because admiring your self confidence. Now you have many new friends and you feel happy – not only because of that. You feel happy simply because you finally managed to be proud of who you really are.

Don’t let other people affect your choices. Feel free to be who you are.

Stand out and make it loud!💪

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